Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning, (CAPP) Degree Evaluations

Northern Michigan University has developed an online degree audit tool that allows students and advisers to review what courses need to be taken to meet major, minor, general education, and graduation requirements. This tool will also help students evaluate how changing a major or minor might impact their length to graduation. If you want additional information on how the CAPP degree evaluation works you can go to: /registrar/node/41.

How to Read and Use NMU's Online Degree Audit System

How to access NMU's online degree audit evaluation (the software is sometimes referred to as CAPP).

Login to

  1. Click "Student Services" tab.
  2. Click "Degree Evaluation - CAPP"

 Generating your evaluation

  1. Select the current academic term.
  2. A screen that displays your current degree in progress will show. Click "View Previous or Run New Evaluation" at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click "Generate New Evaluation" (Previous evaluations can be examined by clicking above).
  4. Click "Generate Request"
  5. On the following screen, click "Degree Evaluation" then "Submit"

 The degree evaluation: How to read and utilize

  • Program Evaluation lists degree type, major, minor, etc. The evaluation will run without all required components declared.

 Required/used credits

  • "Met" refers to conditions being satisfied.
  • Total required: The total credits required for a degree. Used indicates how many credits have been earned and applied to your degree.
  • The last 20 of 30 credits must be taken at NMU.

 Other things to note:

  • Courses a student has registered to take or are currently taking are indicated as a RED "R" under the source column on the far right side of the evaluation. They are also highlighted.
  • Courses completed list grades earned.
  • If registered courses are not completed successfully, requirements will change to "Not Met".

General Education (Any students who started Fall 2017 and after)

  • Broken down into:
    • Seven component divisions
    • Lab sciences requirement
    • World cultures requirement
    • Written English Competency requirement
    • Mathematics Competency requirement
  • Each Category will indicate "Not Met" or "Met" next to title.
  • Condition usually has "AND", meaning that requirement has a corresponding course.

 Liberal Studies (Any students who started prior to Fall 2017)

  • Broken down into:
    • Composition
    • Divisions 2-6
    • 300 Level & NS Lab Requirement
    • World Cultures
  • Each Category will indicate "Not Met" or "Met" next to title.
  • Condition usually has "AND", meaning that requirement has a corresponding course.

 Read evaluation from left to right

  • Yes / No refers to whether or not the requirement has been met. Following is the course or other degree requirement, then the course taken that fulfills the requirements.

 Read all text in "Description Field of Each Section"

  • Specific criteria of your program are listed here, such as minimum grades or GPA's. Read all of this information.

 Total credits and GPA

  • At the end of each section, the total number of credits earned and in progress will be listed.
  • The number of credits in the top right corner must be matched or exceeded by the number in the lower right corner in order for that section to be "Met".

 General Electives

  • Last section of evaluation.
    • Amount of elective credits varies on degree.
    • Speak to your adviser to determine how many electives you need.
    • Examine courses in general electives; if a minimum grade for a course required for a major is not met, it will move to General Electives until course is retaken and minimum grade is earned.