All awards are contingent upon the availability and receipt of federal, state and university funds. The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to review all awards, including non-University awards, in relation to your financial need. In cases where your resources are greater than your need, the university may reduce or withdraw its award. This can be done at any time during the academic year. The university also reserves the right to change an award if an error is found in the original computation of an award.

PLEASE NOTE: Since Northern Michigan University has several different “mini sessions” during the summer of which you may attend all, or a portion thereof, the amount of the financial aid you may receive is subject to adjustment. Federal regulations require that we review your eligibility and adjust the amount of your award(s), as necessary, when you do not attend all of your mini sessions. We will conduct an ongoing review of your enrollment and notify you of any changes to these offered awards. You may contact the Financial Aid Office at any time to discuss your enrollment and resulting financial aid eligibility.

You are expected to familiarize yourself with the rights and responsibilities you have as a financial aid recipient.