Study Smart Tutors can Help You Excel!

  • Strategizing for upcoming prelims or class projects.
  • Facilitating organized group work and efficient management of partner-based projects.
  • Crafting schedules and plans for a successful semester completion.
  • Exploring evidence-based study methods, optimizing digital course material learning, and tapping into valuable resources at the LRC and NMU for academic success.


Need to get organized ahead of your prelims? Want to learn evidence-based strategies for making the most out of your study time? Trying to organize your schedule to get your busy semester under control? Trying to figure out how to make the best use of your digital course materials? Our study skills tutors can help with these topics and more — they’re also knowledgeable about campus resources that can help ensure you’re on the right track for a successful semester.

How do I…

  • Work more efficiently?
  • Get more sleep?
  • Prepare better for prelims?
  • Manage Procrastination and Distractions?
  • Write papers without pulling all-nighters?

Workshops are available by request for athletic teams, student organizations or classes. Students may also receive individual assistance by appointment at the Academic and Career Advisement Center. To request an individual appointment or a presentation for your group, call 906-227-2971 or stop by the Academic and Career Advisement Center at 3302 C.B. Hedgcock. Email us at