Do you love Northern? Do you want to show other students all the ins and outs?

Then you should apply to be an Orientation Leader for the 2024 summer orientation season. 


1.  At least sophomore status (28 or more successfully completed credits) at the start of the dates of employment.

2.  A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 at time of application.

3.  Demonstrated involvement in campus life (as much as possible if you’re a new student).


May through Mid-July (eight weeks)


Hourly wage of $14.60 (approximately $3,000 total for the 8 weeks), plus room and board.


1.   Be available to assist students, parents, and University personnel throughout the duration of each orientation session.

2.   Be familiar with the general and specific goals of the Orientation Program

3.   Be familiar with various University publications, academic offerings and available services in order to respond intelligently to questions about Northern Michigan University.

4.   Assume general respon­sibility for the students assigned to your housing unit and/or group in each session. 

5.   Perform other responsibilities assigned by the Assistant Directors and/or Director of Orientation.

Val, Reese, Faith, Karine, and Patrick at the Juneteenth Lower Harbor Celebration in 2021.
Shiloh smiling in front of the wildcat statue

“I wanted to join the staff because I find it so important to share your experiences, especially as an upperclassman, with those students who have yet to experience college at all. You create this sense of guidance and safe space for someone that needs it and provide them with a sense of belonging at a moment when they may need it most."

Shiloh Bechek

Orientation Staff Assistant - Summer 2021/2022


Patrick wearing a red flannel and red hat smiling.

Patrick Myers, Orientation Staff Assistant 2021/2022/2023

“Some of my favorite memories of working as an orientation leader come from the time spent with the other orientation leaders. We spent most nights doing all sorts of fun things around Marquette, including watching the sunset, hiking, listening to live music, and going to the beach. They're some of the best memories I have, and I'll appreciate my time with orientation forever."


Val swinging on a tree swing.

Valeta Gage, Orientation Staff Assistant 2021

“O-Staff was truly one of my favorite experiences of college. It was a summer where I was able to hang out with some awesome people, learn so much more about the university, and meet so many new students and their families."



Gwen playing with chalk on a university sidewalk.

Gwen Feamster, Orientation Staff Assistant 2022/2023

“Do it!! It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and truly is the best job I have ever had. Also, Marquette in the summer is incredible."