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Welcome to Northern Michigan University

The Transfer Student Orientation understands that transfer students, those with 12+ post-high school credits, already have a good grasp on the college experience. The Transfer Student Orientation provides the information necessary for transfer students to transition to a brand new university. Transfer students will interact with their individual academic programs for advising and course selection. 

Option 1: In-Person Orientation

Transfer students have two options for completing their orientation program. During our in-person orientation, students will meet other new transfer students, hear a presentation from a current student leader and have the option to ask live questions. We'll cover the basic academic information you need to know to be successful, as well as what it means to live here - Housing and Residence Life, NMU Dining, laptop program, our student code and handbook, how to register for classes, and much more! 

Once the orientation session is complete, students will need to reach out to their academic departments for help choosing classes. Transfer students coming in Undeclared will work with our Student Success DepartmentStudents can only register for classes once they have fully completed their orientation. 

Option 2: Online Orientation (self-paced)

Transfer students have two options for completing their orientation program. The online orientation is intended for the transfer student who has earned 12 or more post-high school college credits and is comfortable learning independently. Only choose this option if you are willing to read each online module fully and are confident in asking for help or clarification. Set yourself up for success by choosing the option that best fits your learning style. 

  • Transfer students with less than 12 post-high school college-level credits are NOT eligible for our online orientation.  
  • Once you have registered, an online orientation access link will appear when you are logged in to the "Register Now" page. 

After logging in to the online orientation system, transfer students have access to the following resources:

  • A series of informational presentations on topics including academic policies, graduation and program requirements, information about transferring credits, contact information for academic departments, and on-campus resources such as the Dean of Students Office, Student Success Department, Center for Student Enrichment, etc.
  • A downloadable checklist of things to do after orientation, before attending NMU.
  • Downloadable documents traditionally contained in the orientation binder, including information about campus life, finances, a campus directory and map, etc.

The online orientation should take approximately two hours to complete; the system will save the student's progress and will allow the user to log out and back in. Once a student views each portion and successfully completes a quiz about each workbook, the orientation program is complete and the orientation hold will be removed. At that point, the student will be able to register for courses.  Completing the online orientation takes the place of attending the face-to-face orientation session.

Contact Information

The Orientation Office is located in 3405 Hedgcock.

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00

Main 906-227-1707

Toll Free 800-682-9797

Fax 906-227-1751